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The first new Street Sounds series is called “UNSIGNED”. The UNSIGNED series will showcase the diverse and tremendous talents of artists, producers, songwriters and musicians from across the world.

Artist and songwriting development, is fundamental to the longevity and full realisation of an individual's potential and creativity. The Street Sounds team will give you valuable creative input, including business advice and possibly suggest musical collaborative ventures.

Street Sound is an iconic brand and highly respected within the music industry and of course on a street level. The UNSIGNED series of albums will endeavour to represent the best music within different Urban and Dance genres on albums to be released regularly. The UNSIGNED albums will have the full weight and marketing support of the Street Sounds label. The legacy, reputation and kudos that surrounds the Street Sounds brand will ensure that the UNSIGNED albums series, gain media publicity, public and record industry attention!

As opposed to having your track(s) lost in a sea of new material, your creation(s) would be showcased on one of the Street Sounds UNSIGNED albums, which will give your music focus & gravitas, to help you stand you out from the crowd.

For a generation brought up on the internet, there seems to be no perceived value for recorded music. Piracy, YouTube accessibility and all you can eat streaming deals have made music almost a free right and devalued the value of astists & songwriters creativity.


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Open A&R Policy

Unlike most record labels these days, which do not accept unsolicited material, Street Sounds welcomes recieving your music!

Send us your music, as finished tracks, or demos. Let us work with you to realise the full potential of your talent and tracks. You can securely submit your music to our dedicated Hightail dropbox. Hightail dropbox URL: 

The "UNSIGNED" album series

There will be several Street Sounds UNSIGNED series of albums, incorporating different genres of music, Urban; Hip Hop & Soul and Dance; House, Grime, Trap, Jungle, etc. We are looking for artists, songwriters, producers, musicians and remixers from around the world. in ALL genres! We know that there are national, and regional styles, trends & variations. We want to give your talent and musical creations a platform for maximum exposure. 


If you want to be considered for inclusion of the UNSIGNED series, all you need to do is to securely submit your music to our dedicated Hightail dropbox.

Hightail dropbox URL: 

Hopefully many of your questions will be answered in our FAQ section, however, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, either use the form below or email us:



Submit securely your music - clickhere

Send us your demos, songs, beats, finished tracks. Urban, or dance. From Hip Hop to House, we want to listen to anything you feel is the best of what you got, regardless of genre! Street Sounds has always maintained an open A&R policy. We will NOT use your material until we have your permission.



We will acknowledge receipt of your material.

We will then contact to discuss the terms and conditions for inclusion of your track(s) on the UNSIGNED album series.



Agree the contract terms and discuss creative aspects.

If you want input, we will be happy to give you all of our expertise; this may include suggestions for collaborations with writers, musicians, producers, remixers. However, at the end of the day, it is YOU who will have total creative freedom; we will always listen to what you want and the final decision will always be yours!



Until YOU confirm that you are happy and an agreement is signed, we will NOT use your material.

We will be in continuous contact with you and our team will discuss the promotional and marketing campaign, to be sure you get maximum exposure for your music. We may even offer you a development deal.


SHAPE YOUR FUTURE! It all begins here. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to work for you!
You can contact us by submitting the form below. Fields marked with an * are required.
Alternatively, you can email, or call us. 

TIMELINE - Unsigned series

  • 13th June 2018

    1. Submissions open

    Submit your tracks/songs via 'Hightail', our secure cloud service. Send up to 250MB. To securely submit you material - click here

  • 30th July 2018

    2. Final deadline for submission of material for vol.1 of UNSIGNED DANCE & UNSIGNED URBAN albums

    Any material submitted after this date will be considered for vol.2 of the UNSIGNED DANCE & UNSIGNED URBAN series. 

  • 30th August 2018

    3. Track listings finalised

    UNSIGNED DANCE vol.1 & UNSIGNED URBAN vol.1 track lisitngs finalised.

  • TBC

    4. Official release dates for UNSIGNED DANCE vol.1 & UNSIGNED URBAN vol.1 albums

    Prior to this date, the Street Sounds promotions and marketing teams would have already begun creating the buzz of various repertoire. 


Talent is born in the streets, it all comes from the street! Social media has changed the way we buy, listen, watch and even the way we perceive the world. There is so much new, exciting raw talent waiting to be heard, not only in the UK, but around the world. The major record labels are no longer interested in artist development and rely on ‘chequebook’ A&R. By this we mean, let somebody else do all the hard work in the initial stages of an artist’s career and then only when there is a large enough buzz; on social media and press show interest. Morgan Khan has long championed and been instrumental at the grass roots of many successful music acts careers.

We know there are singers, bands, musicians, DJs and producers who just need someone to believe in them. Someone with the expertise, ability, team, connections and resources to develop, market and promote their talent. Someone who understands what they want to achieve, their vision and will give constructive criticism and guidance, without diluting, or smothering the essence of who they are.

Do you believe you have the ear to scout new talent and hear new music trends? Do you have the passion and vision to know the mediocre from the truly gifted? Do you want to be part of the Street Sounds team?

It can begin right here! We look forward to hearing from you. 


No! Submitting material for possible inclusion on the Street Sounds UNSIGNED albums is completely free.

All you need to do is to click on the following below link, or copy & paste the Hightail dropbox URL into a new browser. Please remember to fill in your name, email address and the optional message space provided. The more you tell us about yourself the better.

Hightail dropbox URL:

No! The master recording rights and publishing copyright will at all times belong to the owner of the works. If we use your track, we will enter into a music license. Music licensing is the licensed use of copyrighted music, to ensure that the owners of copyrights on musical works are compensated for certain uses of their work. Street Sounds will have specific and limited rights to use your work after a formal license is signed.

Yes! All master owners will receive an agreed royalty on sales of the album. The way that this works is that an agreed percentage is paid to the master owners. This total percentage is divided by the number of different tracks on the album (pro-rata). The master owner will earn royalties from digital sales (i.e. iTunes, Amazon download) and physical sales, vinyl records (only if applicable format is manufactured). Master owner royalties are paid twice a year; June & December.

It is extremely important to us that the licensing party fully understands the agreement, therefore we require any persons under the age of 18 to have either a parent, or legal guardian co-sign the licensing agreement.

No! The licensing agreement is specific for the track that we license and limited to one usage on an non-exclusive basis (unless otherwise agreed). However, both parties may mutually decide to enter into a separate more exclusive agreement at a later stage.


Street Sounds was conceived from the need to expose and make available the latest, most upfront music from the streets of America to UK and European audiences. The concept was born from Morgan Khan's love of music as a fan and from his own frustration of not being able to get hold of certain tracks because they were either US imports, that cost...